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INDULGENCE Gen 2 Gel Polish – Lemon Fizz #017


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INDULGENCE Gen 2 Gel Polish – Lemon Fizz #017


Get your zest for life with Lemon Fizz! This pure gel polish has high pigmentation and requires no primer or bonder for a smooth application. The bright, cheerful hue of this shade will add a touch of playfulness to any design.

Colour: Yellow
Tone/Shade: Bright/Neon with subtle green undertone
Finish: Creme
Volume: 10ml

Generation 2 formula is thicker, creamier, and phenomenally highly pigmented, with a low tack, cured finish. The pigmentation makes this gel PERFECT for art. When working with these thicker, highly pigmented gels, apply thinly to avoid under-curing and rippling

TIP: if applying glitter, flash cure for only 5-10 seconds, then cure for 30 seconds after glitter application. This will give you a tackier layer to work with.

Here’s what you need to know about Crystal Clawz Gel Polishes

  • 10ml bottle will cover about 40-50 sets of salon length nails in a single coat
  • 3-step system (Base Coat, Colour Coat, Top Coat)
  • contain no harmful ingredients,
  • are not tested on animals
  • vegan friendly
  • offer excellent coverage with a high level of pigmentation
  • are easy to apply and control, does not run into cuticle area
  • have a thick viscosity and perfect self-leveling
  • long lasting wear (up to 6 weeks) with no lifting, chipping, fading or peeling
  • protects and assists with the growth of weak nails
  • cure in 30 seconds (LED) in 120 seconds (UV)
  • easy soak off in 15 minutes – no buffing, so no damage to natural nails

Every effort has been made to try and capture the colours of all of our products as accurately as possible, but there can be variations between devices, and remember – your eyes have a lot more pixels than our camera so the true colours tend to be brighter and clearer in the flesh


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