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48W PROFESSIONAL Red Light Li-Ion Rechargeable LED Lamp


48W PROFESSIONAL Red Light Li-Ion Rechargeable LED Lamp

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This is the perfect lamp for the professional salon with high usage and operating under the dreaded “loadshedding”, so no interruptions during power outtages.

12 Month warranty on lamp (please note that adapters are not covered under warranty owing to potential damage from fluctuations in the power grid)

Red light technology

6000mA Lithium Battery has a 5 hours working time, 45 days standby and 4 hour charging time from 0-100%

Sensitive Touch button with 4 LCD time display timer: 5s, 15s, 30s, 60s

Intelligent sensor for painless mode (reduces heat spikes)

USB Port convenient for charging via mobile or power bank

High Power 48w with 21 Powerful 365nm + 405nm LEDs. Fast Curing for any UV or LED Gels

Built-in Carry Handle for easy carry

Magnetic Removable Base Plate for better pedicure access

Cordless & Rechargeable for convenient salon use

Adjustable “feet” for convenient pedicure use

Mirror-finish interior for even light distribution

Spacious, comfortable interior for all hand sizes & nail lengths

Fast auto sensor activaited


Power supply in South Africa is not stable and power fluctuations have a cumulative effect over time, degrading electrical equipment until either the equipment or the adapters give in. It is vitally important that you invest in a good quality surge protector for all of your electronic goodies. A decent surge protector may be an extra cost, but it can save you a fortune in the long run.


Power 48W
Dual light source (LED & UV) 365nm+405nm (for UV and LED Gels)
Power Source Mains electricity and battery powered
Rated input 100-240V 50/60Hz 1A
Rated output Output: 12V, 3A
No of diodes 21
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Weight 600g
Dimensions 230 x 220 x 110mm
Motion Sensor Infrared
Curing time From 30 seconds
Types of gel UV/LED/Builder



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