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Clear Russian Almond SmartPro Moulding Tips (120 pieces)


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Clear Russian Almond SmartPro Moulding Tips (120 pieces)


Reverse Moulding Tips are used to create quickly and easily create the perfect sculptured gel extensions.

Can be used with Crystal Clawz Velocity Gel (Polygel/Acrylic Gel), Builder Gel and Liqui-Flow

Each box contains 12 different sizes, and with 5 different styles to choose from, you will find the perfect fit, length and curvature for all nail types.

There are scales on the nail mould, to allow you to accurately judge the length of the extension on each nail.

All reverse moulding tips are reusable.

IMPORTANT TIP:  Avoid overfilling the mould.  If product oozes out from under the mould when it is pressed onto the nail, be very careful to remove ALL excess gel before curing otherwise you will struggle to remove the mould.

How to use reverse tips

  1. Prep the nails, by pushing the cuticle back.
  2. Shape and buff the natural shine off the nails.
  3. Apply base coat and cure for 30 seconds.
  4. Apply the builder product of your choice to the inside of the reverse tip.
  5. Gently press it on the natural nail for a few seconds, or hold in place with an acrylic nail clip
  6. Cure under an LED/UV lamp.
  7. Remove the nail mould by gently squeezing and twisting from side to side.
  8. File and shape the nails
  9. Apply gel polish colour and nail art.
  10. Finish off with top coat.


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